Properly Defining Stress

stress18Stress. It’s a word often used but seldom understood in any true sense throughout the alternative health realm. When one mentions the word “stress,” thoughts of brooding over money problems or contemplating a divorce come to mind. And while these are indeed consider “stressors” in functional nutrition terms, they’re only the tip of the iceberg.  (more…)

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Explaining Estrogen Dominance

estrogendomEstrogen dominance. It’s a term often bandied about today at anti-aging conferences and amid Internet longevity circles.

But what, exactly, is “estrogen dominance”?

Most people picture estrogen dominance as some sort of phenomenon in which—because you’ve seemingly done all the wrong things in this life from a health perspective, no matter how hard you try—the wellness gods have mandated that bounties of estrogen course through your veins.  (more…)

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The Pregnenolone Steal

Menopause33Perhaps you’ve heard the term “pregnenolone steal.” My guess is, though, you haven’t. And that’s OK.

However, if you’re in your mid-thirties or beyond and you haven’t heard this term, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m about to say, as you definitely need to know this term and how it will, inevitably, affect your health going forward.  (more…)

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